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Les Dames

« Les Dames » are a unique collection of NFTs. The design is based on a mixture of different arts. There are also many graffiti, polygon art, cubism, street-art. This collection is the subject of many collaborations with different NFTs artists from different art styles, but also collaborations with different NFTs communities.

They are sold on the ethereum blockchain, in ETH currency.

They are available on several marketplaces:

OPENSEA : https://opensea.io/c-la

RARIBLE : https://rarible.com/c-la

LOOKSRARE : https://looksrare.org/c-la

Reference links:

What Is a Blockchain ? https://www.investopedia.com/

What Is ETH ? https://ethereum.org/fr/

Collection and print = https://c-la.art/art-prints-tableaux/

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